In Objects We Trust is a Toronto based designer disrupting your conceptualization of design. We had a quick chat with one of Toronto's favourite emerging designers Jessica Tempest on what is means to be a Canadian designer and even what her Instagram bio really means...

What does it mean to you to be a Canadian designer?

I think it’s important to bring awareness to Canada, as we often fly under the radar but for me its less about being from Canada and more about supporting the industry within Canada. We are a huge country with so many talented people and companies that I love to support.

You have created the perfect uniform, any sneak peaks on colours for FW19?

Well for Spring 19 there will be neons, more creams and lighter denims as well as more size variations, which I am very excited about. Also there will be a very special summer capsule collection that I have always wanted to create dropping mid summer. As for FW19 Ill be focusing my energy on deconstructing my own pieces to create new forms and silhouettes

In your Instagram bio you write "a gender inclusive company that creates work that exists outside the boundaries of traditional objects" Why is this important to you as a designer?

How did the name of your brand come about?

Any advice for one that is in the beginning stages of trying to identify the purpose of their brand?

I have always found gendered clothes to be quite disheartening as someone who has never wanted to wear the prescribed norm, its still a huge boys club out there, even with a lot of “unisex” brands saying they are for all but in reality its just ‘mens’ clothes with ‘women's' sizing or women's wear never being created in the same material as the ‘mens’ versions. This idea that due to ones gender you’re suppose to wear different fits or different materials is just absurd to me. I believe in creating new silhouettes for all bodies and developing works that can transcend many personal styles. I wanted to create a brand that was quite simply for everyone. A brand that not only creates non gendered clothes and jewellery but also builds an inclusive environment at the same time. No one should have to feel a pressure to shop in a single department, we are all so beautifully unique and complex and I want everyone to feel safe and comfortable.

I pride myself on creating quality pieces that can stand the test of time, not only for my customers sake but also to reduce the waste of fast consumer culture. So the name says it all, In [our] objects we [you can] trust.

I would say, as corny as it may be, to just be true to your vision. No one knows your dream better then yourself. That being said though its always important to be open to criticism and input from the community around you. We are all in this together!

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